Arizona Institute for Public Life

The Capitol Institutes

Running concurrently with the Second Session of the
Forty-Sixth Legislature of the State of Arizona

beginning January 12th, 2004

Arizona State Capitol
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona

*AIPL is a 501-c-iii tax deductible organization

  • Politics in Arizona
  • Religion and politics
  • Who pays taxes and who doesn't?
  • Tax distribution and fairness
  • Immigration
  • The Environment
  • Childrenšs services & protection
  • Work, wages and benefits
  • Education
  • Elder care
  • Health
  • Affordable and accessible housing
  • Mandatory sentencing
  • Governor Janet Napolitano and her staff
  • State Senate President Ken Bennett
  • Attorney General Terry Goddard and his staff
  • State Representative Pete Hershberger
  • State Representative Deb Gullett
  • Former House Minority Leader Art Hamilton
  • Mayor of Phoenix Phil Gordon
  • Dr. Gil Stafford, President, Grand Canyon University
  • The Rev. Tom Wiles, Chaplain, Grand Canyon University
  • National experts on tax fairness issues
  • Lobbyists
  • Clergy
  • Labor leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Academicians
  • And many more
  • Schedule of sessions:

Each day during the second regular session of the Forty-sixth Arizona State Legislature (beginning Monday, January 12th, 2004, and likely continuing into May or June), member churches, synagogues, mosques, schools, unions and non profit members of the Arizona Interfaith Network will sign up to be present at the Capitol to observe, meet with legislators and become more knowledgeable about politics in Arizona. Each Monday through Thursday, a faculty member will conduct a seminar on politics in Arizona, the major issues impacting families, budgets and tax proposals and the role of money in decision making.

Most sessions will be held from approximately Noon until 1:00 p.m. Bring a sack lunch. Some sessions will be held in the late afternoon and evenings to accommodate those who must work during the day. You will be encouraged to put what you learn to practical use by visiting your Senator and Representatives in their offices and by attending hearings, committee meetings and caucuses.

How to register

To sign up for the Capitol Institutes, identify leaders of your congregation or organization, select a date or dates when you can be present at the Legislature and contact the Registrar to schedule these times.


Margaret Snider
(602) 248-0607

Who are we?

The mission of the Arizona Institute for Public Life is the education and training of active citizens capable of engaging successfully in public life. There are four areas of focus:

  • Teaching the skills of public life at the grassroots level
  • Establishing community based services initiatives
  • Evaluating the impacts of community based initiatives
  • Researching national policy and budget impacts on Arizona communities.

Currently, the following six local organizations collaborate with AIPL to educate citizens, build power and act for positive change. These may be contacted for further information.

The Arizona Interfaith Network (AIN) (a 501-c-iv Registered lobbyist in Arizona)
e-mail: Phone: (602) 279-9223 Fax: (602) 248-0610

[Consisting of the following 501-c-iv organizations]

Valley Interfaith Project (VIP) (Phoenix and western Maricopa County)
E-Mail: Phone: (602)248-0607 Fax: (602) 248-0610

East Valley Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (EVI) (Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler & Eastern Maricopa County)
e-mail: Phone: (480) 831-6918 Fax: (480) 730-9353

Pima County Interfaith Council (PCIC) (Tucson & Pima County)… E-mail: Phone: (520) 903-2333 Fax (520) 903-2444

Yuma County Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (YCISC) (Yuma, Somerton, San Luis & Yuma County)
E-mail: Phone: (928) 376-6711 Fax: (928) 343-0172

Northern Arizona Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (NAICSC) (Sedona, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Prescott and Yavapai and Coconino Counties)
E-mail: Phone: (928) 213-9122 Fax: (928) 779-5124

We, the people of the United States....

These opening words of our Declaration of Independence remain an abiding vision of a people united in a participatory democracy. The Capitol Institutes are dedicated to the proposition that we the people of Arizona can, and will, invest our time, energy and talent in strengthening our families, our communities and our state.


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