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What is the Truth about Proposition 200?

A Study Guide

The Arizona Institute for Public Life (AIPL) is conducting Institutes of Public Life on Proposition 200 at locations throughout Arizona. The purpose of these Institutes is to examine the true nature of Proposition 200; where it came from, who is behind it, and how it will impact Arizona's families if passed.

We encourage religious, political, educational, business, labor and community leaders to learn about this ballot initiative. AIPL encourages others to join in a coordinated, non-partisan, statewide public education effort to understand the nature and character of Proposition 200.

This Study Guide has been developed for use by congregations, schools, businesses, unions and community groups. Included are a broad range of materials for use in all Arizona communities. These resource materials are to be used to explore answers to the question of what is the truth about Proposition 200.

Table of Contents & User's Guide

Section 1 Proposition 200: Summary
An eight-point summary designed to stimulate conversation and inquiry in one-on-one meetings and house meetings

Section 2 Proposition 200: What is the Truth for our State
A message for Arizona families who are concerned with immigration and its consequences, but also with the potential cost of implementing the Proposition

Section 3: Proposition 200: Pros & Cons
This Chapter will help voters become aware of the issues raised by those who support and those who oppose Proposition 200.

Section 4: Proposition 200: Some Questions for Discussion
The list of common questions should help initiate group discussions and should help seek answers to different aspects of the Proposition.

Section 5: Proposition 200: Sample Agenda for House Meetings
This is a model for facilitating focussed discussions in groups of 6 12 people lasting for about one hour. The purpose of the house meeting is to educate others, to find leadership talent and to gain commitments for specific next steps from those present.

Section 6: Contact Information
AIPL is working in collaboration with the Arizona Interfaith Network's five organizations. The Contact Information Sheet includes the name, telephone number and e-mail address for a contact person in each organization.

Section 7: Faith-Based Reflections

  1. What Faith-Based Principles on Immigration teaches us about Proposition 200
  2. What Ecclesia in America teaches us about Proposition 200

Section 8: Proposition 200: An Initiative Measure (Full Text)

Prepared 9/16/04


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