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2004 Legislative Session:
Actions and Accomplishments


The Arizona Institute for Public Life (AIPL) accomplished our major objective for the 2004 Session of the Arizona Legislature:

  • To teach leaders the skills of public life through Capitol Institutes with elected officials, agency directors, business leaders and organizations involved in the legislative process.
  • During the Legislative Session, 35 Capitol Institutes were held.
  • While the majority of the Institutes were held at the State Capitol, three were held in Pima County, two in Yuma County and one in Yavapai County.
  • A total of 1,140 Leaders attended these Institutes.
How the Process Worked

Throughout the legislative session, the Arizona Institute for Public Life held Institutes of Public Life, usually during the noon hour, at which leaders met with individuals to learn more about issues and how the political process works. The faculty for the Institutes included elected officials, agency directors, business leaders and representatives from organizations involved in the legislative process.

Each session lasted about an hour during which the faculty member made a twenty- minute presentation on the topic of the day's Institute and then leaders asked questions and engaged in open conversation. An important aspect of each Institute was the Pre-Meeting at which an experienced leader provided background on the topic, leaders suggested possible questions and leadership roles were taken. After the Institute ended and the faculty member left, an organizer or leader led an evaluation of the meeting with a particular focus on what leaders had learned and how the information could be conveyed back home.

The Capitol Institute on April 19 was in fact an all-day Convocation on Immigration. Following the AIN Press Conference on the Senate Lawn, 200 clergy and leaders convened at St. Matthew Catholic Church for an AIPL sponsored Plenary Session at lunch followed by afternoon workshops and concluding with supper and reports from leaders on their experiences during the day.

  • The Capitol Institutes were established as a highly effective vehicle for political education of large numbers of geographically, ethnically and economically diverse leaders.

Prepared 6/4/04


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